Identification: “Modular Multilevel Converter DC converter for HVDC grid” Aims: Develop Control laws for the M2DC ConverterDevelop a prototype of Modular
Identification: Work Package 3 - “Massive Integration Of Power Electronic Devices” Aims: To propose and develop novel control and management rules for
Identification:  “Multi-Terminal DC grid mock-up for off-shore energy production” Description:  Main Topic : control of MTDC gridsAims: DC voltage and AC
Identification:  “Dynamic Modelling of a multi-energy grid for the setting-up of a new district named  "Zac Saint Sauveur" in the city of Lille”
Identification: “Control Strategies of a DC Based Offshore Wind Farm With Series Connected Collection Grid” Aims: Propose control strategy for a
Identification: “Review and Simulation Islanding detection methods – Validation on a dedicated mock-up” Aims: Review of islanding detection methods used in
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Identification:             “Power amplifier for ultra-fastAC/AC conversion”  Context: To insure the security and reliability a complex and wide coverage tests must be carried
Project Name:                                                        Do-MMC Identification:“Design of Modular Multilevel Converter for DC grid” Description or Abstract: Aims:Develop a Lab prototype of
Identification: “Operation modes and Power Quality assessment of photovoltaic micro-inverters” Aims : Study the behavior of photovoltaic micro-inverters (power rating from 250W