• Real Time simulator fromOpal-RT (x3 with7 coresavailable)
  • LinearPower Amplifier fromPuissance+ (2 x 15kVA, 1 x 21kVA, 6*10kVA)
  • PcVueSCADAØdSPACEcontrol board(x12)
  • PV Power plant (18kWp)ØDC power supply(15kW and 12kW)
  • Micro-CHP units
  • Regenerativepower supplyfromCinergia(30kVA)
  • Energymonitoring system (EfficaceEnergie)
  • Storage devices based on Plomb (48V 1000A.h) and Li-ion batteries (3 modules 48V 2.1kW.h)

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