Identification:  “Multi-Terminal DC grid mock-up for off-shore energy production”


  • Main Topic : control of MTDC grids
  • Aims: DC voltage and AC frequency control

The growth of offshore wind farms and their geographical dispersion will perhaps lead to a multi-terminal DC (MTDC) configuration. The control strategies of DC system should consider both DC voltage constraints and frequency support of interconnected AC grids.

In the different stages of development for technological applications, the low scale demonstrator is a very important validation phase after the theoretical simulation analysis and prior to first prototypes or industrial installations. In terms of development of MTDC grids, it could still last for many years before getting the first on-site high voltage demonstrator, mainly due to the huge costs involved in such projects and to their impact on the operation of exiting grids. Therefore, the mock-up developed in TWENTIES demo3 provides an interesting intermediate and flexible step between simulations and on site demonstrator by mixing reduced power DC links and real-time simulation to develop an actual low power MTDC grid. This DC grid can be interconnected to a virtual AC power system.

Single-line diagram of the MTDC mock-up


  • RTE

Main results: 

  • Validation of dual droop control technique on three terminal configuration
  • Validation of MPC control


  • Partner n ° 1 (Pilot): Laboratoire L2EP in Lille / Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Lille – Address : 8, Boulevard Louis XIV – 59000 LILLE (France)
  • Partner n ° 2 : Laboratoire L2EP in Lille / Ecole centrale de Lille – Address:  Cité Scientifique, 59651 Villeneuve-d’Ascq (France)
  • Partner n ° 3 : RTE-France – Address:  CNER / Département Postes, Cœur Défense 100, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle F-92932 Paris La Défense (France)


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