Identification: “Modular Multilevel Converter DC converter for HVDC grid”


  • Develop Control laws for the M2DC Converter
  • Develop a prototype of Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based on the previously developed MMC converter
  • The prototype must be as closest as possible to a full scale transmission grid M2DC

M2DC scheme

  • Period: from November 2015 to November 2018
  • Sponsors: Ecole centrale de Lille ; French state ; L2EP
  • Context: HVDC to HVDC Conversion ; Transmission Power System
  • Main results:
    • Develop a control architecture of a M2DC
    • Use the real time simulation as an aid in the control of complex converters.
    • Produce experimental results of the M2DC control method proposed by the team
  Figure 2: the MMC-M2DC  Figure 3: a MMC-M2DC arm      Figure 4: a MMC-M2DC Sub-module 


  • Partner n ° 1 (Pilot): Laboratoire L2EP in Lille / Ecole centrale de Lille – Cité Scientifique, 59651 Villeneuve-d’Ascq
  • Partner n ° 2: Laboratoire L2EP in Lille / Arts et Métiers ParisTech – Lille – 8, Boulevard Louis XIV – 59000 LILLE
  • Partner n ° 3: Laboratoire L2EP in Lille / Univ. Lille – Bâtiment P2 – 59655 VILLENEUVE-D’ASCQ (France)


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