Project Name:                                                        Do-MMC

Identification:“Design of Modular Multilevel Converter for DC grid”

Description or Abstract:

  • Aims:
    • Develop a Lab prototype of Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC)
    • The prototype must be as closest as possible to the full scale transmission grid MMC
  • Main characteristics:
    • Vdc= 400V ; Vg= 116V at 50Hz ; Prated= 5kW ; Qrated= 1,5kVAR
    • 20 Sub-modules by arm
MMC schematic
  • Period: from October 2014 to December 2016
  • Sponsors: The Nord Pas de Calais’ Council, the French State, Cinergia (Spanish Power Electronics Company) and RTE (French TSO)
  • Context:HVAC to HVDC Conversion ; Transmission Power System
  • Main results:
    • Develop a control architecture of a MMC with lots of switches (240 switches)
    • Use the real time simulation as an aid in the control of complex converters.
    • Produce experimental results of the MMC advance control method proposed by the team
    • Produce two copy of the prototype in order to propose a point-to-point link


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