• EPMLab SCADA System
  • Design of Power Electronic Inverter
  • Management of Battery Storage
  • Test of Power Electronic Converter

Identification: Work Package 3 - “Massive Integration Of Power Electronic Devices”


  • To propose and develop novel control and management rules for a transmission grid to which 100 % converter-based devices are connected while keeping the costs under control;
  • To check the viability of such new control and management rules within transmission grids to which some synchronous machines are connected;
  • To infer a set of requirement guidelines for converter-based generating units (grid codes), as far as possible set at the connection point and technology-agnostic, which ease the implementation of the above control and management rules.
  • Build a laboratory test bench to test the proposed control

Period: from 01/01/2016 to 12/31/2019

Sponsors: European Union

Context: Smart Transmission System, Power electronic converters

Main results:

  • Development and verification of an innovative control strategy
  • Stability analysis tools development
  • Test control with a real time simulated power system using PHIL simulation

WP3 Demonstrator


  • RTE,
  • L2EP,
  • ETHz,
  • UCD,
  • EirGrid,
  • REE,
  • Terna


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